Baby Steps

I'm bored of, I never got into MySpace, Xanga just didn't roll off the tongue, and there are a couple others that I can't even remember the names of. I begin this for two reasons: 1) I was inspired by one Miss Gemma Ross and her LA-adventures and 2) It could be more fun than writing my Environmental Perception Essay, rather, it could serve as a consistent outlet for my procrastinatory energies until I suit up in cap and gown. Okay, three reasons: I think I'm brilliant and my insights are top-quality. So may you enjoy my journey to "commencement" as much as I do!

141 days until college graduation #1. Roughly 365 after that until college graduation #2. From the same place. Oooooh, we're excited!

I think I'll end these with a "one thing I learned today" thought.
Today I learned that my 6 month old puppy, Max, weighs 85 lbs. It was a tough lesson to learn and my back is paying the price.


Anonymous said...

Fatfish blogs! And Max is huge! So many new things to learn today...

Gemma said...

Max IS huge! and so happy to be an inspiration to you. Not to brag but I am one inspiring lady.