The intricacies of an Engineering Degree

(This is for my mom. I hope this helps. I love you)

When I say that my Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering Science is a joke, I only mean it is a joke in that I want to be a real, actual engineer and the classes that I can squeeze into a BA are not nearly enough to qualify me as an engineering expert in...any field at all. In the number of classes that I took to fulfill the pre-reqs for the BA in ES, I could have minored in government. And the major requirements are the same in number as almost all the other majors here, but they don't have so many pre-reqs. And that's just if I want the bare minimum. I want to be good at what I do. Otherwise, why do it?
When I say that I'm still taking prerequisites - I mean for my Bachelor of Engineering (or, God forbid, a Master's Degree) degree. All my friends are allowed to goof off now because they've got their jobs and they're moving off into the real world. Their major requirements are complete and they have no need to keep taking classes in their fields of study because most of them are not continuing in those fields. That is the beauty (or worthlessness) of a Liberal Arts Degree. I'm still learning the basics because there are so many gosh darn basics to learn. Writing a thesis is optional and can be done at any point during the pursuit of the degree.

I remind myself of these things every day. This is how I delay (and maybe deny altogether!) my "senioritis." I can't have senioritis. I'm not a senior in my field.
These little pieces of mental fabulousness are my way of showing the world I haven't drowned in the sea of nerds, yet.

Today I learned that I CAN get reimbursed by my health insurance provider for prescriptions that I paid for out of pocket!!

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Unknown said...

Sorry sweetie, we all have our burdens to bear and yours is engineering in the blood, parents, grandfathers, etc. But if you want something done right, you know you can do it yourself or know that whoever you pay to do it, did it right.