Nice to see you again, too

Wow, three whole days. Who knew I'd be slacking on this bad boy so soon?? I even missed my 1-week-iversary.

In other news, I have other news. I got two new fish, Stokes and Wiley, who are still alive and healthy, Max bit me in the chin and I have a bruise, I worked myself out of my tired funk by beating the pants off some strange girl who unknowingly stepped on the treadmill next to me only to stop and collapse over it 15 minutes later (am I hypercompetitive? maybe. Erin says I "went steaky" on her), and I put another hole through my head. Not to worry, dear family of mine; its a minimalist hole. So much for my "go big or go home" mantra. All in all, an exciting weekend. This is good because College Student season just opened and the Midterms are out there with their stun-guns, grenades, and hunting rifles waiting behind every corner for us to look the other way so they can come in for the kill and take us home and feed us to their kids, Quizzes and Projects. Luckily it's a short season and maybe I'll get to take my snowboard out next weekend and remind her that I still love her event though its been over two years. We can spend a scenic day out at Killington and then I'll cook her a romantic dinner and we can cuddle by the fire.

Today I learned (ok, yesterday - I haven't learned anything today) that The Enlightenment was killed and replaced by branches of learning and schools of theory like natural science, social science, and the humanities.


Anonymous said...

You did go steaky on her! I think my new goal for the gym is going to be finding someone I can out-steak on the treadmill... but alas, I'm not TheFex and it may not work. I shall try though, because TheFex is an inspiration.

Gemma said...

Okay I don't know what steaky means. . . like you turned her well done instead of raw? What does that mean, Erin? You roasted her on a spit? Impressive.
But I do the whole competitive thing at the gym too. It is what keeps you going. I compete with myself sometimes, and then when that gets dull, I compete with my neighbor. They don't know we are competing though. . . this is kind of how I make friends too. I make gym friends (anyone I work out next to for long enough), or road friends (anyone who drives near me for long enough), or any other kind of friend really. But again, they never know that we are friends. Wow, this comment makes me seem a little sad. . . appreciate it Fecych!

Allie said...

"Steaky" is an abbreviation for steak-head, n, which was originally derived from the term meat-head, also a noun; Ancient Greek.
Meat-head is a compound word that dates back to the beginning of athletic competition meaning: complete and total jock -- one with nothing but muscle on the mind.