4-6 inches

HI!!! *awkward, enthusiastic wave* Senior spring: Control Theory, Science of Materials, and Analog VLSI. You can Google any of these terms if you're actually interested. My fear of being crushed flat dead by my workload this term has paralyzed my ability to use words in creative ways, so I have switched to pictures.

My camera currently has no batteries, because I donated them to Andrew Ocean's automatic fish feeder that doesn't actually work and Beatrix almost starved to death over spring break, so I have no new pictures. Stokes and Wiley are MIA and assumed dead.

I stole two slices of pizza from the DFR meeting and promptly dumped it in my lap. Never eating pizza again.

And lastly, they're calling for 4-6 inches of snow tonight. There are already 2. I was wearing flip-flops yesterday! (But Andrew wore his today...HA! sucker!)


AbbieBabble said...

1. Even if no one else believes you have more work than normal people, trust me, I do. No one understands an engineer's workload like a former engineer.
2. What the hell is going on outside? It's APRIL.

Unknown said...

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