Runners Are Special

I'm out on my daily pathetic jog (on The Road to Being In-Shape and Skinny Again) this morning and its maybe 45 degrees outside, with the sun still trying to burn through the fog. My eyes are swelling out of my head with tears trying to adjust to the cold. I have sweat dripping down my temples, and snot running from both nostrils. I'm wearing three shirts, and have only half of my ipod attached, because of the lack of being able to stuff the earbud in my left ear (thanks, Piercing).

A truck pulls up to the stop sign I'm running past and I hear "Ow-OWWWWWW!" and a quiet whistle. Really? Because I haven't showered since before yesterday and my hair is in knots and the only thing that's even remotely attractive about me right now is the spandex pants, but everyone looks good in spandex....

(And, yes, I know it was directed at me because it was a cold, foggy Saturday morning, and I'm the only one dumb enough to be outside.)

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Unknown said...

No. YOU are special.