Welcoming a New Member

This is Moses (top left), my new diadem dottyback! I finally decided that Pig, Stuart, Tard, and Leonard need a new friend, and a friend that can actually play with them, rather than roll over and be literally eaten alive. Dottybacks are supposed to be some of the most territorial fish in a tropical reef. In 24 hours, he has already claimed this white coral because its the only place that Tard can't follow him. Tard being the big blue asshole that he is will swim around it, waiting for Moses to come out so that he can slap him a couple times but Moses watches him from inside the coral and sometimes after Tard swims by, Moses creeps out behind him and bites him in the tail. SUCKERPUNCH! I think Moses will make it. If I act quickly, maybe I can sneak one or two other fish in there while Tard is still preoccupied with Moses.
My little boy, Oliver, is well. He has decided that my down comforter is as good a place to pee as any, and for this reason I've decided to get his little bunny nuts removed in two weeks. I'm sure this won't even make a dent in his sassyness level, which is still unusally high for someone his size. (Name that movie!) He's soft and cuddly as long as you don't pick him up, then he's all claws. He's fast, too. When I let him out of the Playbunny Mansion, he does RocketBunny laps around my feet and room. The feet thing is a problem, because if I walk, he'll try to jump over my feet and subsequently be launched across the room. It doesn't seem to bother him, though, because he keeps doing it.

Wait...wait. I also still have a dog named Max, even if he does live in Wisconsin, now. Apparently he likes to fart in the car while my Dad has all the windows rolled up and then smile about it.

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