So I Should Drink A Lot Of Red Bull And Listen To Punk Rock?

Now three weeks into the nine-week term, I finally had a day that was free enough that I could justify driving up to Stowe for the day to enjoy my season pass. I would just like to point out that I was so NOT supposed to have a ton of work this term...But then I decided I should probably actually find a job for next year, or at least an internship for the summer, and my favorite professor of all time asked me (personally) if I would like to TA his class, my favorite class of all time, and there wasn't a chance in aell I'd say no. Also, Hybrid is as big of a disaster as anyone could have anticipated, and therefore monopolizing all my free time.

Anyway, I'm going to demo for a while since I'd like to buy a new board by the end of the season and I ended up demoing a park board. My first run down the mountain was like I'd died and gone to heaven. You know those old school Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines commercials where they're slowly massaging some delicious sugary frosting onto a still slightly warm fresh cake? Well, the mountain was the frosting, and I was the knife. It was THAT delicious. And maybe its just because my board, the board I'm used to feeling, is 10 years used and missing chunks of base (deeper than the wax) and the edges are rusted, even though I get it tuned about every 10 or so days that I use it...but maybe not.

Since it was a park board, I thought I should spend a few hours pretending to be a Park Rat (and holy crap do I regret that this morning...). Unfortunately for my confidence, the UVM Snowboard Team was also playing Park Rat. After a while, and several crashes on my head and/or ass, I got over my shyness and said hello to the coach. He gave me a couple pointers (that did help!) and said "It doesn't come naturally to many people. You gotta be CRAZY!"

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