Sunny Hanover Afternoon

Well, hi-diddly ho, internet!

Just wanted to share with you my fun Friday story: I took the FE for 8 solid hours last Saturday, and I would have celebrated with Erin afterwards, but she was at home-home for the weekend for a pizza party and teaching, so we needed to meet up as soon as I had "some free time." She got back on Tuesday, when I had lab all day and a stomachache so bad I had to skip lab. Then on Wednesday I was playing a serious game of catchup and yesterday I went to Boston for a JOB! INTERVIEW! And it went REALLY well. And I hope to hear from them within a few days. And since I was in Boston, I had dinner and a bottle of wine and a half graft of champagne (for no reason) and went shopping with B! And then, was terribly incapable of driving home last night.

I woke up at 6 am today to drive back before class at 8:30, then had to write a final project proposal (already!) and go to more class. And THEN? Then I layed out on The Green in the 80-degree weather with Erin, at long last! Upon my arrival, she noted my new [men's] cargo shorts, t-shirt, and All-Stars and told me I looked like a gay 12-year-old boy. After we got restless just laying out, we went for some errands, then for some margaritas. And do you know what my gay, 12-year-old self did? I sat down at the bar and put my leftover bottle of apple juice from lunch ON the bar. The exact words "Get your apple juice off the bar" were said to me. In all seriousness.

Now I'm going to pretend to do work for an hour before Friday Beers on the Sunny Rooftop of Thayer!!

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