A Case Of The Mondays

I went to NY (state) again this weekend to hang out with my very adorable friend and his family. This time, instead of waiting until 10 pm to leave, thinking that 5 hours would be enough sleep but needing to take a nap in a rest stop and waking up at 4 am still an hour from home, I left at 7:30 to get some fast food, which turned into 8:30 before I got the food. But it still got me home by midnight.

But, safely though I made the drive, every single parking spot in my neighborhood was taken. So I parked in an empty lot 4 blocks away from my apartment that didn't have any signs posted about not parking there. And then it started downpouring. So I walked home in the rain, leaving most of my stuff in my car so it wouldn't get soaked. I went to bed still a little soggy, expecting probably a parking ticket in the morning, but safe and in my bed instead of the back of my car.

I got up this morning, on time, ready to go, and discovered my car had been towed. Upon closer inspection, there are several signs in the parking lot, each with a tree planted strategically DIRECTLY in front of it. So I found the towing company's number, called them and was told that they deal in cash only and I'd need to bring $117 to their address. At the very least, I was already close to my local commercial block and walked around the train tracks and across the street to the bank. I grabbed my money and ran out the door towards the taxi stand down the street and realized that I'd forgotten my ATM card in the machine. And because it was before 8:30 am, the bank was closed and I would need my card to get back into the building.

And I still have the remnants of a cold.

As much as paying $1200 for the year for a parking space sucks, that's better than $200/month in parking tickets and towing fines seen as how Boston definitely gives out more parking permits than there are spaces available. Its a business tactic, I'm sure. Someone will ALWAYS be parked illegally. Musical parking spaces: where the City of Boston always wins.

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Unknown said...

Awwwwwwww, you poor baby! I hate the way Mondays so frequently are, too.