Where Did that 3 weeks go?

Well, I still haven't painted or hung any art or gotten a coffee table, but I've shopped and found my washer and dryer of choice, and also a dining room lamp that works with the rest of the existing lights (all of which I really like) even though I haven't bought them, yet. I did get my kitchen rolling and come up with a really great low-carb spice cake cupcake recipe and the best buttercream frosting I've ever had in my life, and also started fermenting a gallon of apple wine. (Most exciting video ever, right??) So the house is getting to feel like home. I also installed a programmable thermostat, so I feel good about myself. And I got a bath mat with a penguin on it.

Anyway, I'm gearing up now to spend a weekend in the White Mountains in New Hampshire with the rest of my lab for a "work retreat". And I know what you're thinking. That is SO MEAN. I've not missed a homecoming at Dartmouth since I matriculated, and now I will be less than an hour from campus, but I can't go? Blasphemy. Although one of our number got a seat in the very exclusive Obama Speech on campus and has been excused for an extra 3/4 of a day. Maybe I can somehow incorporate it into Teambuilding Exercises. Its only an hour, and we had to drive up there anyway so there are certainly enough seats in cars. I'll keep you posted. At the very least, the cabin has a hot tub and wireless internet. So I can play WoW in my free time.

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