Party on, Garth!

Props to Wayne and Garth for their ability to party without ever craving a walk through the snow to a frat at 11 pm for said Partying to ensue. Is dinner with drinks a dying art? I sure hope not. I hear stories of such events, so I know they at least still exist in name. Maybe I'm just socially awkward and nobody wants to have dinner and drinks with me? Enter a box of Annie's macaroni & cheese and a bottle of Mint Chocolate Bailey's. Yep. Socially awkward.

At least I got to go to the GYM and get in a good WORKOUT on the TREADMILL. There were no girls next to me to go steaky on, so I went steaky on the snow-covered walkway when I got home. In no way is shoveling snow at a college-owned domicile my job, but I have never wanted to shovel snow more in my life. Socially awkward.

College student season is over and out of it I got my first 100% ever. Perhaps electrical engineering is my thing. Lets see if it turns you on, too: Hey baby, what's your Thevenin Equivalent? ....No? Socially awkward.

Stokes and Wiley are alive and well. We brought the new baby, Jack-Jack, home yesterday and he's tiny compared to all the other fish. They chased him a few times but I think he'll hold his own. At least nobody slaps him in the face with their tail. Maybe Scout and Fats were just weak-willed. Or socially awkward.

Today I learned that a legitimately good-looking boy should never be first on the program at a date auction.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you're so much socially awkward as disinclined. Anyway I think bailey's, annie's and the gym makes more sense than having someone get sick on you.