Think before you....

I am House Manager at my sorority, where I also live. We have a private parking lot where every space is assigned- by me. Every once in a while, when one of the girls actually uses her car (God forbid), the space is temporarily empty. Parking vultures driving around Hanover can smell the empty spaces from half a mile away and think these are open spaces -- FOR FREE! This is a huge deal.*

I then have the responsibility of chasing these people out of my parking lot while soothing the girl who no longer has a parking spot because, let's face it, towing a car out of a lot that isn't really their responsibility is pretty low on FO&M's priority list. They would much rather rake in the money for the parking ticket the girl without a spot is now extremely likely to get.

So I think I'm funny and I print up these formal letters on the two strange cars in my lot that say "your license plate and VIN numbers have been recorded and if you park here again you will be towed." There are cars lining the streets around, as well, but that doesn't make this any less of a private lot.

I think I'm funny.

Then as I leave - to go on a date to the car wash with Andrew - we drive by Hillel (the Roth Center for Jewish Life/Synagogue) to discover the source of all the extra cars: there is a hearse parked out front. I'll bet they didn't think I was funny. See you in hell, Cap'n!

*Hanover misses parking like Taco Bell misses sanitary working conditions.

Today I learned that a date at the car wash is a much more viable thing than it sounds. Especially when one of you has never been through a car wash before.

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