Last Day of Class, Winter Term '07

I had a paper due at 3 pm and a project report due at 4 pm. My lab partner and I finished the report at 6 am, so I went to bed and she turned it in. I slept until 1:30 (class is from 10 to 1) this afternoon, woke up, and blitzed my other prof asking for an extension on the paper. I now have until Friday 8 am to write THREE MORE PAGES. Then I went to the gym, got dehydrated and had an asthma attack, bought two chicken burritos to share with Andrew, who woke up to eat then went back to sleep and wouldn't let go of me, so I went back to sleep (in my gym clothes) until 8. Took a shower, read blogs for a while, went downstairs to my living room to hear girls talk about the dumb (or smart) things they do for an hour while drinking peppermint schnapps infused hot cocoa, and that was my day!

Saturday is my first final. This will be a fun final because it is in electronics and I love electronics. It is also an open book/notes exam. Then I go home for 3 days to play with goats and small children and go to a HUGE INDIAN PARTY!! WOO INDIANS!! Then I come back and take another final on tuesday in which I have no interest whatsoever. Fear not, my beautiful audience- I don't have senioritis, it just happens to be the worst class I've ever taken at Dartmouth, so I gave up.

Best finals period ever. 95 days until college graduation #1

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