Pet Update

I'll put up pictures when I take some.

Andrew Reef: Firstly, we had a new arrival that I never mentioned; D-bag, the Extra Large Orange Diamond Goby. He turned out to be a "jumper" and since the tank is fully enclosed, all he managed to do was get himself stuck in the pump a few times. We let him stay there until we thought he'd learned his lesson and then we chased him around the 2x3 inch area with a 2x2 inch net with a tube in the way. Sadly his most recent jump was into a not-wet part of the tank and he suffocated himself. I think that was probably his goal all along. Also the tank came down with a bad case of Ick and Jack-Jack took a pretty bad beating. We didn't even have the heart to dig him out to flush. He was recycled by the crabs in the tank. FuzzyNuts, the Emerald Crab, went MIA and his hairy little legs were found later but that was all. That leaves Beatrix, Stokes, Wiley, the urchin (Screwball), the ugly crab (D*weed), the hermit crab (Firecrotch), 4 snails, and about 10 tiny hermit crabs that stowed away on the Fiji Rock.

Max: over 100 lbs. Mildly trained and very overly friendly. Sometimes my dad calls me and all I can hear when I pick up the phone is an offensively sharp, loud noise that ends up being Max barking once the phone adjusts the volume. Dad says that he calls so Max can say hi because he misses me, but really I think Dad gets mad at me for not coming over to help him shovel his driveway and he waits until Max is about to lose it because he has to go out to pee really badly and calls so I can enjoy the ruckus, too. We got him the biggest cage the pet store sells, but its too small for him so we can't tell if he doesn't like it because it doesn't fit or because its a cage. Sometimes he stares and barks at the fish in the big tank.

The big tank: everyone is alive and well. 2 ugly crabs, 2 GIANT percula clowns, 1 blue devil, 1 fat bastard of a blenny. I clean it sometimes because the amount of algae growing in it makes me want to puke. It all grows back within a week.

Today I learned that home waxing kits are not for amateurs.

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Gemma said...

I learned that too. . . it can get messy.
The description of Max in his cage made me laugh. Not because I enjoy the suffering of pets, but because I imagined a big fluffy dog in a tiny cage with fur and limbs sticking out all over the place. Quite a funny image if you see it my way.