Spring Break

I have never before had one of these. In high school I always went with my family to visit....my family. In college so far I've always gone to spring training camp with the crew team. This will be my first spring where I'm free to go where the wind takes me. The wind was going to take me to Mexico (NOT CANCUN) but my partner in crime came down with Pneumonia (we wish her well) and is going home to sleep a lot.

Where should I go? Who is free to come with me? I have a week and a half to figure it out. I don't want to shop, I don't want to do work, I don't want to get wasted - I just want to sit down and enjoy the scenery for a week before coming back for my senior spring when I'm going to get less sleep and do more work than I've probably ever done before. Yes, my first term EVER of ONLY Engineering courses and one is my independent project (I'll tell you about it once its patented).

Today I learned that Boy Scouts are the biggest (happiest?) cult, ever. Once a boy scout, always a boy scout, apparently. Even a workaholic superhetero-weightlifter and a pot-smoking hippie with a lazy major who's never been to the gym can have a great conversation over it. (can I say that??)

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Anonymous said...

Want to drive around the northeast for a week?

And yes, you can say that. It is true.