Wait Listed

The "Wait List" is one of the most frustrating places one can be. Ever. Its not lonely, its not flat-out rejection, and its not confinement. It just means 'hey, you're good, but youre not quite good enough.

I applied, for the third time, to lead a First-Year Trip through the Dartmouth Outing Club. My application responses were smooth, well-written, and hilarious. If ANYONE is qualified to take unknowing Dartmouth Freshmen into the woods for 3 days and poke them with a cattle prod until they're having fun, it is ME. [SELF CALL WARNING] I know the value of working hard (or not) at Dartmouth, I have a really wide variety of knowledge of stuff to do on campus (because I've been part of a lot of different groups), and dammit, I AM all that is FUN!! I could woods-trapse for a living, I just like my pretty Coach purse! I could wood trapse barefoot in a bathing suit!! See!! -->
Oh, the mistakes these people make. Maybe I will kidnap some of the '11s when they get here and take them on my own little "adventure."

Cue maniacal laughter.

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