Spring is here!

Wow! Look at all the pretty cups! Yesterday was my sorority's Spring Formal at Bates Mansion in Vermont and you can't even tell by looking at the pictures that it was only 45 degrees outside.
Photographic highlight of the evening: a GOOD picture of Erin and me. Together. In the same picture. Finally.And the sun!! Oh, the sunshine!! I wasn't sure what all the hype was about for this place because when I came here last year in my pink Barbie dress it was muddy and raining, but now I know. At least the dinner tent is always warm and dry. And sketchalicious on the dance floor - of which I have no pictures due to the tragic death of my batteries. Also - I just have to say that Andrew was the second best male dancer out there. The best dancer was latino, so he doesn't count. Andrew is an hombre blanco from way back, and he can still keep up with me.

And, now, a story about how I am too cool to hang out like a normal college kid. After skipping the huge pig roast next door to take a nap, the hombre blanco and I both decide that we want to go for a run before tails so we don't feel fat. So we went for a run (separately - we're not that cute) and inevitably skipped tails entirely to get showered and cleaned up. We get on the bus and promptly fall asleep. Both of us. We wake up as the bus is parking in the mansion lot. We get a red plastic cup of Bailey's on the rocks, wander around the mansion, and find ourselves in the attic game room winning a game of pool.I'm not sure what look he was going for, but I like it. Dinner was good, drinks were good, dancing was great, and the nap on the way home was good except for the belligerent date in the seat next to us who was about 2 more words away from 7 different people getting up to break his face. At the end of the night when everyone else is getting more beer, digging their dates out of trash cans, looking for their lost cell phones and jackets, or making plans to go to frats, I'm going upstairs to watch a movie and go to sleep in a state of pleasant sobriety. Because I would take Gladiator and well-restedness over the college greek scene ANY day.

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