This is my bunny!

Everyone, meet Oliver. Oliver is a 6-week-old Netherland Dwarf Rabbit with a PEDIGREE! This picture was taken of Oliver after he escaped from his temporary home right before I set up his actual home - he is hiding under the couch. He's sassy.

He was purchased sort of on a whim, but I go to the pet store all the time, and if I bought an animal every time I went to the pet store, I would have a LOT of pets, and I don't. We were testing to see if the allergy medicine Andrew is taking would work, and it DID! And I found a bunny! It was pretty much the most successful pet store trip of all time. Even Andrew is overwhelmed with cuteness and that's a pretty big deal for a guy as tough as The Hombre Blanco.

This is Oliver's home:As you can see, its a little big for him. I'm trying to decide if I should go back and buy his less awesome, but still adorable twin sister, Audrey. I'm just worried that if I have two bunnies, I will be so inundated with Cute that I will stop working, stop eating, stop sleeping, and just play with them all the time.

Did I mention Oliver likes to stretch out across my shoulder and fall asleep in my neck? Yeah, somebody squeeze him; make sure he's real.

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Erin said...

I'm pretty sure Oliver LOVES the playbunny mansion. I left the door open while I was home today, and he went in it on his own. Also, he dislikes thunder. Don't worry though, I took him out when it got loud and we cuddled.