This finals period has been significantly less fun than last term's. I did get to play two rounds of guitar hero, though, which was nice. I beat Erin on the first try. I miss my XBOX.

I have become almost entirely nocturnal, staying up well past 3 am every night and sleeping until 11. Me! The girl who, not so long ago, could go to bed by 10 pm every night and wake up by 7 am! Of course, I also used to run 9 miles every day. College is such a teardown experience. Can't say I'm not enjoying it, though.

I am finished with one class, will be done with one after a presentation in 2 hours, and then have a project and final due tomorrow for my 3rd class worth a whopping total of 60% of that grade. I miss sunlight.

Not to mention the added bonus of graduating a week from today. That's totally stress free and easy...NOT. At least I passed my swim test.

Here's a picture of one of my projects to keep you occupied until I can write about fun things, like kittens and puppies and drinking heavily:

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