Road Trip Snacks

10:39 pm, en route to Connecticut there is construction again, and a cop on the side of the road with lights off. I'm cruising at 70 and the guy coming up behind me is doing so very quickly, but as soon as he is next to me, decides he's going to hold that spot. So we're rolling up at 70 mph towards the station wagon doing 50 mph past the cop. I end up having to slam on the brakes, which is ALWAYS stupid to do in front of a highway patrol officer. He turns his lights on and flies out of the shoulder after me.

Awesome. I'm totally getting a ticket.

Then he messes with me for a while. Riding past, slowing back down, sneaking up behind, then passing again, all the while not flashing his lights or signaling me in any way. Finally, after I've had enough time to pee myself (twice), he flashes his lights and I pull over. The following ensues:

"Do you have your license and registration?"

"Yes, sir."

"Where are you headed?"


"Whose vehicle is this?"


"Are you eating a stick of butter?"

"No, it's cheese."

"That's very strange."



"I pulled you over because your license plate light is out."


"It's just a light bulb, ma'am."

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