Dinner: Fabulous

Monday night was the Season 3 premiere of Prison Break and I was beside myself with excitement. I started asking around for company and Gemma agreed, and also asked if we could cook. She suggested twice baked potatoes and my already excited mind did somersaults. Lots of them. It was great.

Gemma and I collected the appropriate supplies, and the small sampling of our good friends who happen to be in Hanover during the interim. (Caroline! and Krystal!) Unfortunately potatoes take a long time to cook even once so Gemma, the more proficient of us in the kitchen, kept cooking while the show came on and I sat two feet from the TV so I could hear over the kitchen noise and the crunching of chips and guacamole in my own head. Luckily! My Favorite Aunt in The World got me a TOASTER OVEN! for my birthday!! It has, among its many other perks, a convection function so the potatoes cooked a little faster.
I also had some bacon, compliments of my stepdad, Farmer John, and his Organic Pigs. Lesson learned: thaw your bacon before you peel it apart.

And what resulted was nothing less than a fabulous meal. We had powdered strawberry lemonade to drink, but give me a break, we're college students. It was after the show, so Gemma didn't get to watch, but she hasn't seen the second season anyway. We did get to christen my kitchen table, which I have never used except to pile groceries when I bring them home. For those of you who missed this dinner, fear not - there will be many more. I mean, we have a whole season of PB to go!


Anonymous said...

you should submit this to food network.

Gemma said...

Good lord we are geniuses in the kitchen!!!