Where was I?

Six years ago today, I was sitting in my 10th grade physics class on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Mr. McKim was all excited about something (as physics teachers are wont to be) so he turned on the TV. It didn't really look like anything important and we had 10th grade socializing to do, so not many of us really listened. The next moment we saw a plane flying across the screen. Big deal...I have totally seen planes before. And then it crashed into a huge building. I thought to myself "Is this an attempt at a joke by the news network? It isn't really funny. They should stick to their day jobs."

And then we learned some physics and the day went on as usual. My high school was only a 45 minute drive from the Pentagon. I guess there are some parts of America's world that just don't get rocked.

We had our mandatory moment of silence the next day, and the next week, and the next year, but I don't think many of the kids in that school actually understood what happened. Good job, School.

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