The State of Allie

1. I am a runner again! I just had a good run that was over 5 miles and I I should have gone longer, which is how I like to feel when I run. Also, there is a blister on my left clavicle where my SHIRT chafed me.

2. If you remember the kid that went to Africa and wonder why I haven't mentioned him lately, its because it didn't work out. I'm only sad that I never got to punch him in the face. He took my freaking M&M's when he left!!! Who takes the chocolate!?!?

3. I am finally getting into the meat of my throttle control project now that proposals are over and it is REALLY intimidating. The fine print reads "This group will also be responsible for any other unforeseen issues that arise" or something like that, so we're finding a lot of other stuff that we didn't think would be an issue before. What it comes down to is that we can't assume that anything on the car will work like we expect it to, we need to make it work how we want it to.

I feel alive.

Oh, and 4. I got another new fish, but he's camera shy so I haven't even given him a name, yet. He's a bi-color angel fish.

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Anonymous said...

Best run the car around the park and find out. A hybrid that doesn't regen is keg without the tap.