You Know You Need To Get Away When:

Your homework graph is exactly correct, but holds no valuable information whatsoever to your academically well-done brain. Like, you wrote all the code, and it does exactly what its supposed to, and you have no idea what that is.

And when you have nothing but pictures of animals on your camera.

And when you wear greasy t-shirts to nice bars and spill chocolate martinis on people, very sober.


Erin said...

It is November! Only 1 more week til Thanksgiving break starts!

Anonymous said...

Gilbert and Sullivan School of Engineering. Full of Words and Music and signifying nothing. Eureka!!! You have discovered of marketing. The gods of engineering cannot be happy about this. Keep your head down. Expect a dope slap or crack in the head in next few days. Re-introduction to gravity will get the knack back.