On Stupid Questions

Yes, it is entirely possible to ask these. For instance: when one just speaks, rather than thinking about what the answer to the question might be.

Last weekend, in Hanover, there was a "release party" in honor of the release of Jay-Z's new album. The only requirement to get into this party was that you had to be wearing either a suit or a hoodie, since that is all Jay-Z ever wears. I skipped this party to go to sleep instead. I had already gone to a movie that night and I had gone out the night before, so I was done for the weekend.

Last night I'm talking to a friend who went to this party, and I ask "Was Jay-Z there?"

What this question really asked was "Did Jay-Z leave NYC, where there are good drinks, hot women, other rich celebrities and record labels, and tons of fans on the night of his new album's release to come to Hanover, New Hampshire and drink Keystone with a bunch of white college kids?" See what I mean? Dumbest question ever.

Also - I promise here and now that my next post will contain real, actual photos.

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