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There is an awesome handwritten sign taped over the door handle on the office down the hall from mine [The Den] that made me laugh really hard. The office without a window. (At least mine has a huge, nice window that you can sit in when you're feeling super locked-down and at least look at the trees.)

I just want to put you on the edges of your seats until I remember to grab my camera and capture it for all time.

[Update: To my great disappointment, the sign has been taken down and presumably the bat inside, which was the cause for the sign, has corralled to a more appropriate place for a bat to be. The sign even had a big sad face drawn on it! Oh, well.]

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Anonymous said...

I hate you. How could you do something like this? Sooo much build up; so much disappointment. Couldn't you have at least given us a brief description of the thing other than awesome? OMG
j/k about the hate thing, but ffs