Guess who came to visit me yesterday for little sister's birthday!!

And this is what my chin and my kitchen floor look like after not even two hours of visiting time. The camera couldn't do justice to the inch-thick layer of fur all over EVERYTHING. Thank God for leather sofas...

Instead of taking my sister out to dinner for her birthday like a normal family, Max chewed on paper towels and Dad slept on the small sofa while Mariel and I played wowcrack. Dad made a lot of fart jokes before he fell asleep, though. I made spaghetti.

And thank God I gave Oliver to my cousin to babysit for the holidays, because otherwise we might be picking his bones out of Max's poop to give him a proper burial. We're in Maine now at my dad's sister's house and Max demolished poor [dog-cousin] Zoe's stuffed hedgehog during dinner. There was stuffing and leftover bits of squeaker all over the entryway, but besides missing a face, the hedgehog 'shell' was reasonably intact. My aunts were horribly offended because they thought that Zoe's feelings were hurt and I couldn't stop laughing. Reparations were made by shutting Max in the car (poor guy!) and giving Zoe Max's two-foot-long, 6-inch-diameter rawhide bone. Zoe is a 30 lb Cocker Spaniel with mediocre behavior who is thrown a formal birthday party every year where the rest of her litter and their owners get together Max is totally getting his bone back. I love my giant puppy!!! And Happy Birthday, Mariel!

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giving the dog a bone