The Dangers of Small Buttons

I was not ready when corporate recruiting happened this fall, and it whizzed by my head like an exploding rocket, and I caught a few pieces of shrapnel in my nose, but didn't get so much as a whiff of a job. I didn't realize that I was expected to apply for the job on interviewtrak BEFORE I talked to the people in the booths at the career fair, or VERY shortly thereafter... I thought that if I handed them my resume, it might just happen. The Career Services Center knows how to find me, right? Oops.

So here I am, laying on my bedroom floor to keep Oliver company, and scrolling through the website of one of the very few companies I might actually like to work for someday [soon]. I clicked on a job description that I thought looked like fun, and realized I was qualified, so I clicked the "Continue" button, where the page asked for my name and email address, then I clicked "Submit." Then they asked for my resume. Really? Already? I thought it was like a "I like this job, please add it to my cart for further consideration" kind of thing.

Nope. I just applied for two jobs. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I hope they didn't expect me to attach a cover letter with my completely JV resume...

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