On Spending Money

I recently went with B for a totally sweet getaway weekend (at the casino) before the start of the term, and we got massages at Elemis Spa. I paid for them with my credit card, and she paid me back in cash. Because her boyfriend, Art, had been gambling and winning (after we went to bed) he offered to pay for her massage in the morning, so the money she paid me back with was one of his crisp, shiny Benjamins from his 4 A.M. cashout.

I have been carting it around since, going grocery shopping, buying new kitchen things, a romantic dinner with Erin, etc. and I have yet to spend it. I don't want to break it. It just feels so precious and looks so pretty with those big, fat, round zeros. I always whip out the credit card, instead.

I wonder if perhaps I took all of my liquid assets and put them into $100 bills, I would just never spend any money. How brilliant would that be? I could stuff them into my cheeks like a chipmunk. Hoarding Hundreds.

I'd only have a problem if some jackass hits me over the heat with a book while I'm walking to class and pulls all the bills out of my mouth while I'm unconscious....

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