Maybe The Bronx Is Known For Getting Dumped On?

On my drive down to NYC Friday night, I took a foot of snow with me, because I cannot reach the roof of the car when I am feeling any level of lazy whatsoever. I was saving my energy for the 4 hours of driving I would be doing...

I get to the toll booth for the Triborough Bridge right after very steathily hanging up my phone and stuffing it between my legs. The guy in the booth gives me a weird look and think maybe he saw me on my phone. Instead, he looks up at the remaining 8 inches of snow on top of my car, having not seen my New Hampshire license plate, and says in amazement "Is it snowing back there?" pointing to the road behind my car.

"Well, no, its 42 degrees 'back there' but it was snowing in New Hampshire yesterday..."

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