Happy Easter!

Mom is harassing and humiliating Oliver in my absence. But its still funny. I'll be back to save him in three days.

Its shaping up to be a lovely sunny, snowy day here in Northern Michigan, so Dad and I are going to jump in the car and drive for five hours with Max in the backseat, then he's going to turn around and come back. Our Easter Dinner will probably be Arby's. I will be staying with a very gracious host who is going to have me despite the fact that she is 9 1/2 months pregnant. This woman is my hero. We all know Allie loves adventures! I'll be sure to rank Chicago on a scale of one to "I just decided I want to work here next year" for you when I get home.

In the last few days I: read and finished a book (that hasn't happened since Harry Potter), wrote a killer cover letter, and drank too much cranberry juice.

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Unknown said...

In my defense, that little weasel rabbit won't even let me pick him up so he put himself in the basket and then smiled for the camera.