I Went To Texas?

That's weird because I distinctly remember driving there for 34 hours and arriving Monday morning but now I'm in Wisconsin. Thanks, Dartmouth, for the shortest spring break, ever!

34 hours straight sounds brutal, and it might have been were in not for the PS2 hooked up to a power inverter and speakers and a HUGE monitor in the backseat of the Sprinter van. The gallon of Bailey's probably helped, too.I was the lucky soul who took the last graveyard shift - 2 am until arrival in Dallas and we went straight to work with no nap, just a Texas Chili Cheese Dog. So then I was sick, grumpy, and bitchy at anyone who talked to me and I did no work, so I'm not even sure that counts as a day, which means I spent more time on the way there than I spent there.

Thankfully on Tuesday we got the control loop working, and probably 90% of the people who will read this have no idea what that means so I'll leave it at: this is VERY good. We also got everything that needs to be on the car actually mounted. SOOOO close.... You could tell it was me welding when the fuse blew and all the lights in the shop went out. Maybe I need a little more practice. Then we went to Team Dinner at Chili's and I drank a lot of Margarita and dyed my hair neon pink back at the hotel.

Now I'm in the UP hanging out with my long lost friend Max and letting my dad buy me really cool new toys.

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