That's what post number this is, and what I get to drink a bottle of on Tuesday afternoon. My little blog is growing up! But I still have an audience of like, 6, and none of you are religious followers. (I forgive you because I don't post consistently enough.)

I just took my last final EVER. I rocked it, too. It was written by my favorite professor in the world and I swear he writes finals specifically for me. I have never done less than stellar on one of his quizzes or exams, and this one was no different. His assignments always make me feel accomplished and like I really did learn something. Two final projects and a big move to go. Just Keep Swimming!

And, since I've been very wordy lately, here's a new photo for you. I got a sweet ultra-wide angle zoom lens so I could be DFR's new official photographer (here and in California in a few weeks), since the old guy peaced out without telling anyone.

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