Big Kid Toys

Ok, so the party didn't really pan out in that I think all my friends thought I was joking because the evite I sent out had a Family Guy quote and photo on it, and I hated Family Guy until about 6 weeks ago. Some were out of town, but most just never got back to me. I mean, maybe my friends suck? So Erin and I had some fun brownies and spent the evening in my room hiding and giggling and sneaking out for Bagel Bites every once in a while. Bernice and her friends played Kings in the living room. But I digress...

Anyway, I have a photo to share of my work day today, and a photo of what my computer can do now. We're making a giant sandbox in our parking lot at work and its going to have a gravel base over the asphalt. Sweet. That is one huge truck. It made loud noises while I was trying to pipette tiny volumes of poo. And its a pretty awesome shot of my boss' butt.

And that other shot? That is my mac. With a PC INSIDE it. How demeaning is that? I can run an entire inferior operating system as though it were just another application.

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Unknown said...

Am I supposed to take a hint from that Macpicture?