Seven Things You Should Know

As my readers...

1. My birthday is in two weeks.

2. I finally went to a bar and stayed out until 2 am on a weekend night in this city.

3. I hit an angry black woman in traffic when everyone and their brother was stuck on Comm. Ave. trying to get out of the way of a fire truck during rush hour and she yelled at me and I was like "OK, seriously? Was I going to back up into the guy behind me instead so you could back up and unstick yourself from the 18-wheeler you've hidden behind? That's what bumpers are for." If she really meant what she was yelling, she would have actually rolled down her window.

4. B and I are throwing a house party this weekend and I may finally have a good story complete with pictures to share with you.

5. The CEO and I just sang Mah Na Mah Na, in the middle of the office during work, because no one else was around.

6. My job has evolved into running the bio labscale anaerobic digestion experiments and analyzing all the data, but I am loving it. This is encouraging me even further to go back to school and get a master's in electrical engineering, so that I don't lose it.

7. I sold Fireball. I now own NO toys, except for my road bike. No more offroad times until I'm an adult and I'm allowed to have hobbies again.

That's pretty much my life.

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