Old And Unemployed

Well, my job didn't pan out. We've been talking to different established companies that we could partner with for bits and pieces of the technology we need, and one very recently came through, rendering my internal engineering job useless. Its a bummer, but that was the risk I took in a start-up. On the upside, I FINALLY get to take a vacation. I'm going to go see Max. And maybe I'll go use the elliptical at my gym a few times instead of paying $72 a month just for emailed tips on how to live a better life by going to mock boot camp.

In other news, I had a birthday. I spent a few days in the Hamptons before going back to work on my actual birthday to be covered in rotten vegetables and poo-smell again at the job I would soon lose. I stayed with some friends of the boy's family (and the family) and hid indoors in their gorgeous glass house the whole time. I don't do well in the sun. The jetskiing was my favorite part. That, and the breakfast sandwiches. And the one day that my breakfast sandwich accidently got taken in the beach-bound car at 8 am, so the boy magically pulled together a giant plate of french toast out of leftover baguette.

And these? These are the sweetest shoes I've ever owned; a gift from the sweetest 19 year old I know. You know you're totally jealous.

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