Sometimes Benadryl Makes You Do Silly Things

This cold I have definitely took its sweet time building into full knock-me-on-my-ass status, and now its taking its sweet time going away. So, 2 days ago, feeling incredibly frustrated at my inability to sleep past 7 am, when I really REALLY needed it, I put on some clean clothes and dragged myself down the street and got onto the T with a roll of toilet paper in my Kate Spade bag to wipe my nose with. Bad citizen? Yes. In need of curtains? Justified.

I've been online curtain shopping anyway since, oh, last year, but just cannot settle on a design or color. And then price comes into play. So, in my bubbly, unbalanced state of mind, I wander into the fancy french curtain store on Newbury Street and immediately fall in love with 6 different patterns. And I hardly notice that "Dinah" behind the counter is trying to sell me a $300 curtain rod for my $400 curtains, and at least I made the decision that I didn't want to carry a 9-foot stabbing weapon pole onto the subway during rush hour, but I would be damned if I wasn't going to block the sun out of my bedroom so I could cough myself to sleep in the dark at 11 am.

So, two days later, I'm not really sure if these were worth the money I spent on them, but Gosh are they pretty. And they're hanging on nails because there was no way I was making it to Home Depot for a REAL curtain rod.

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