The College On The Hill

I'm making this post more for the sake of accomplishing something today, rather than share anything with you, as I have very little to share these days except for my head cold and I promise you don't want that.

The past few weeks I spent, rabbit in tow, in Hanover for Thayer School's career fair, at my aunt & uncle's house for some impromptu family time, and back in Hanover for Homecoming and simply because yelling at my boyfriend's roommate to pick his dirty boxers up off the floor feels better than sitting around contemplating the major life decisions I can't even make, yet. I also managed to invest in a "grown-up" wardrobe not unlike how the RNC invested in one for Sarah Palin.

I planted 3 major job seeds at the career fair - ones that sprouted into interviews - and one on my own. Two of them, if successful, would start immediately. Immediately being whenever they feel like calling me, giving me a number, me desperately accepting, and them asking me to come in the next day. That was supposed to be last Monday. One of them did call, and ask if I was interested in a different job in their office, but the other is on an extended trip to Japan. Maybe I'll hear from them tomorrow? Then again, I've been thinking that every day for two weeks....

On a completely different note, my handsome, 19-year-old boyfriend is now pledging a fraternity, and that demands his every waking moment for very important things like watching all five Saw movies or manning a grill for 48 consecutive hours or playing in a frisbee tournament. It also influences many aspects of his life like wardrobe (he no longer wears his shirts right side out) or his hygiene (he is growing a neck beard). And that's all I have to say about that.

And despite the above, I managed to put on a smile, a warm jacket, the most mung-repellent shoes I could find, and have a Happy Homecoming. The highlight was probably Friday afternoon when, out of nowhere, bff Erin in her cute little white Honda pulled around the corner of the boy's fraternity's front yard and I dropped whatever I was holding and sprinted after her car. Second after that was lunch with the boy's parents, who came to visit unaware how busy their son would be with such important things, during which he had to temporarily leave for some unknown fratboy assclownery. And third was the news article about the kid who jumped into the bonfire's leftover embers in the wee hours and had to be airlifted to Boston. Watching the boy serve drinks to idiot frat girls from inside a 2-foot-tall closet in a staircase was pretty funny, too.

Dartmouth will always hold that special place in my heart. Y'know, the one that makes me fake intoxication so that no one will expect me to drink more... That fire extinguisher in the background was entirely filled with almost straight vodka. And it was colored red.

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