Explanation of "The Fex"

We hooked up a Wii in the living room of the ol' sorority my senior year at school and I came down from my room on my way to get food for dinner when someone challenged me to a game of tennis. A competitor at heart, I took them up on the challenge, but first I had to make my Mii character. I tried to name it "Fecych" but instead I typed (by aiming the remote and clicking while holding on the desired letter, one letter at a time, so you see how it could get old, fast) "Fexych". It would have taken four delete clicks and four more retype clicks, so I opted to leave it as it was.

The name stuck. Eventually it was shortened to "Fex" and with my nearly infinite* authority as House Manager (I was in charge of the physical plant) I was referred to some as "The Fex". Then that stuck. And so you have it.

*I had the power to tell people to mop the basement, and if they didn't I'd fine them ten dollars. And if they didn't pay, they couldn't go to their precious Formal...

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