Why I Don't Shop At Wal-Mart

Evil, evil store. Read this on CNN.com this morning:

"Police said that a 34 year-old temporary employee was trampled to death at the opening of a Wal-Mart store in Valley Stream, N.Y. They said thousands broke through the doors of the store, knocking over as many as a dozen people in the rush for some of the highly touted bargains at the discounter."

Are these people really that seriously about getting their $5 sweatshirts that fall apart in the washing machine, bulk junk food, and $10 nonstick frying pans that kill birds, cook flakes of teflon into your food, and lose their handles after 3 uses that they don't notice someone has fallen on the ground and IS DEAD!? Vultures, those people. They are the ones who should be trampled. Not the poor guy (or lady) who is trying to earn a few extra dollars in these hard times... Apparently Christmas is just about Getting There First, before all the good stuff sells out. Enjoy your holidays, trampling assholes.

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