Scaredy Cat

I was standing at the train station on the Hudson Line (metro-north) waiting for my ride home from my little hour-long jaunt to NYC today and a train breezed right through the closest track to the sidewalk. That didn't bother me - I knew there was a track there and I heard it coming from the other side of the building, so I kept walking without looking at the train so I wouldn't get vertigo, but I can't help myself sometimes. I glanced slightly behind me and saw something VERY close to my head and slightly behind. I shit my pants and jumped about 2 feet, thinking it was another person, but then I realized it was the fur lining the hood of my SuperWarm Jacket having come slightly unzipped and flapping in the breeze. Luckily everyone else's rides had already come and gone, so no one saw me and my little psychotic episode.

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StarStar said...

HA,HA,HA!!!!!!from azariah and your sweet little sister