Ladies Day Out

This is: all the beautiful women on my mother's side of the family, having traveled to Westchester Co., NY to see the cute, curly-haired blonde in glasses and red boots in A Little Night Music, with the exception of her older sister, and my dear sweet Florida-bound sister Mariel. The play was great, though being exclusively about adultery and sex, was a little inappropriate for my 9-year-old Cupcake but she still enjoyed the music and dancing. If you are reading this and aren't in the picture and therefore didn't already see it, I highly recommend it. Very funny. At the White Plains Performing Arts Center.

Before the play, we had lunch at Legal Sea Food. That was sort of funny because Legal is a Boston chain, and I drove all the way down from Boston to eastern Conn, to NY to end up at a restaurant that there are 4 of within 20 minutes walking from my office. It was good, though. Closest thing to a Maryland crabcake [Ok, I have to share - I just typed "crackcake" without noticing] I've had since Maryland! Before lunch, I got my Diabetes On and tested my blood sugar, when almost everyone else at the table shouted "Test me too! Do me!!" So we went around the table and confirmed that everyone else in the family is, in fact, healthy. Gwen, though, curled up inside her jacket and shook with fear that I might prick her finger and TAKE HER BLOOD until I put the little test kit away.

On the way home, I kidnapped the other three people in the car I was in and made a pit stop at Paul's house for coffee and a hug. Dr. Bobby and Mama Jo were very sweet and welcoming, and we got to see the giant train set in the attic run! We only stayed for about 20 minutes but that added enough time to our trip that we needed to stop en route for dinner, so I manned the Nuvi to find several good restaurants that were...ooooooh, shit, right down that exit ramp we just passed... Finally we found an Outback which was awesome because I got to eat a Bloomin' Onion. That can't be that bad, right? Just a little flour? And fats are OK for me to eat... WRONG!! 241g of Carbohydrate in a single Bloomin' Onion. That's an entire day's worth of food for me...

And then we went home.

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