One Way to Recycle...

My room is typically spotless, and everything I own has a very specific "place." Things are lined up, squared, and generally organized to death OR very thoughtfully strewn. But there is this one little thing that I don't firmly control - I keep a constant supply of ripped up paper and cardboard randomly in the middle of my floor. I just drop it when I determine it to be trash, and Oliver takes over from there, chewing on it and tossing or pushing it wherever he thinks it needs to be. His miniature-rabbit-brain organization focus is not nearly at the level of mine, and every time I leave my room, and his paper is tossed all over the place, I die a little inside. It doesn't bother me as badly as it used to, and I like it when my rabbit is happy. He pees on my comforter less.

The pet store should have advertised him "Cute, Fuzzy OCD Therapy; Only $40!"

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