Sure, I got Diabetes, but I got Style, too

As a new diabetic, I get lots of fun new goodies to go along with the illness. Home insulin, travel insulin, three kinds of needles, blood test strips, urine test strips, meters, potentially little electronic podlets on my stomach, with tubes attached or without, and some other stuff. My favorite so far is my little pink medical ID bracelet. This was necessary, just in case I pack myself with too much insulin and pass out on the subway, or I get into a car accident and can't tell the paramedics not to put Coke in my IV. My requirements: it had to be small and inoffensive, not jangly, and cute. I found this at Sticky Jewelry, which had the best selection I could find on the internet. It has two lines of engraving space on the back, and a watchband buckle. And its PINK!
I also have to carry a blood glucose meter everywhere with me, and the one my doctor prescribed was just so sad and ugly:doesn't it kind of make you feel bad for me? I don't need no damn pity!

So at one of my 600 appointments in the last two months, I was reading a magazine on diabetes and found a coupon for a free! glucose meter. A mini one that comes in 6 different colors. I entered my info online and got my free PINK meter. But it also came with a sad ugly case, and this one was even worse than the big one because there was a rigid plastic holster inside the soft case for the meter. So after I put in all the alcohol wipes, bandaids, test strips and lancets, I couldn't close the thing. Since I don't shop much anymore now that I work all the time (which is funny because I'm finally pulling some income!) I decided it would be OK to treat myself to a trip to Kate Spade to find a less sad and ugly mini bag. The one I found was not only NOT sad and ugly, it is BEAUTIFUL and practically euphoric. And it fits my travel insulin [Pen] and needle tips as well! I can go out to dinner without a backpack now!

I also got a big-girl wallet because I'm still using my camper-style money clip with 2 card slots and KS was having a 25% off sale. And since I was on a roll, I stopped at Best Buy on the way home and finally pulled the trigger on a new set of headphones. At $20 and neon pink, I got the best of all worlds! (Or, at least, worlds of concern to me) If they suck, I'll get a pair of Bose on-ears when I get my iPhone (which is rumoring diabetes management compatibility/function??) But I'm happy so far!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful bag! Glad you found it..



Allie said...

Nanny! You figured out how to comment!

Sorry I never showed you. :-(