You have to be Elite to be an Elitist

I worked until 7 tonight, then rode the T home to feed Oliver, got my workout clothes and drove straight back to MIT for a dance rehearsal (they're getting to be almost nightly, with the show starting in 10 days). So I didn't get a chance to grab any food. I got to the gym and asked the choreographer if he was planning to use the whole two hour block we'd set aside, or just until 9, when the section that I'm not in needed desperately to rehearse all together. He said he was going to try just to run for about 30 minutes and then we could go, so I figured I could hold out for a meal that long. After the half hour was up, a different choreographer decided he was going to run the piece that has everyone who wasn't in the really important rehearsal in it. That included me.

I started feeling like I was about to melt into a sugar-free puddle almost immediately, and after about 15 minutes he made a comment that we weren't "feelin' it" or showing any 'tude. I said "well that's because I feel like I'm gonna die." So they let me go get some dinner. Fastest thing I could find at the student grocery store: hummus, carrots, soy chips, and diet iced tea. I brought it back to rehearsal so I wouldn't miss any changes they decided to make, but everyone in my section was sitting around waiting for the other section to come to a stopping point. A few people made comments about my choice of meal. One in particular thought hummus was scary. And he didn't accept my offer to try a taste, but took a handful of carrots. So I added, for emphasis "I even have to eat the whole thing to get full!" Someone else wanted to know why I needed to get full. "Because this is my dinner."

So this one kid says with a pompous tone "Well, that sounds like your choice, unless you don't eat red meat." Ok, DUDE...first of all, I wasn't complaining. I was having some playful banter with the guy who doesn't like hummus. Secondly, there aren't a whole lot of other high-protein, low-carb options at that grocery store. Thirdly, not eating red meat IS actually a choice. So I responded to him "not really.... I'm diabetic." And after that he kind mumbled something that sounded like "whatever" and ignored me but talked to everyone else until we started practicing again.

He was the only one being a jerk about it. Nobody else in the room knew me any longer than he has (they're pretty cliquey) and they were all being perfectly nice. And mind you, this kid likes to send spam emails out to the entire Troupe list about things he saw on Maury. And he has monkey lips. And his voice sounds like Chuckie from The Rugrats if Chuckie grew up gay. Maybe he's a good dancer, but I wouldn't know because he's one of those idiots who refuses to practice full-out unless its actually a show, and goofs off, intentionally does things wrong to be funny, or sits on the bench watching until he feels like joining the rest of the dancers otherwise. So, dude, you can officially STFU. I win, you suck.

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