Can't Take Me Anywhere...

Besides my thoughtlessness in putting bottles of apple juice on bars, wearing sweatpants to nice restaurants, and wanting to take young kids to nightclub/bars for lunch - travel has become an event. Even when its only two hours away for three days. Alternatively titled "Overpacking?"

I like to have my toothbrush, my own shampoo, underwear, and pajama pants, but I REALLY like to have my computer (which needs a charger) and my camera, which comes with 20 lbs of lenses, flash, extra batteries, mini-tripod and remote because you never know when this or this might happen, and I don't own a tiny point-and-shoot anymore.

And now with the diabetes, I also have a literal "cannot live without..." list. Including a book explaining the nutritional value of most foods.

And because I'm not a dirty frat boy, I like to have more than one shirt, and one pair of pants.

And because I'm a closet girly girl, I need to have a pretty dress in case of a nice dinner, which means I also need shoes to match the dress.

And since its almost summer, flip-flops, just in case...

And when I go visit family, I need to bring my spare down comforter, because I'm a princess and home isn't worth going if you can't be comfortable. Plus Claudia and I like to cuddle under it watching TV... You can't deprive girlcousins of cuddling time.

And I usually like to bring at least one book, to pretend that I actually read books.

And all my daily purse-quality stuff like a bottled beverage with little or no sugar, cell phone, wallet, spare car keys, sunglasses, Sharpies, "mommy kit" consisting of lotion, inhaler, Motrin, extra hair ties, eyedrops, Neosporin, band-aids, and bug bite stick. I don't carry matches or a lighter cause smokers can go to hell.

And all of a sudden I've packed more than my weight in stuff. I'm going to need a pack-mule of a husband...

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