On Spam

Ok, I'm over spammers addressing me by my full name, making it look like my own email address is sending me messages, the offensive mispellings, and messages that don't even have the decency to be TO ME. Its the random names I have to at least glance at the subject of to make sure its not some doctor my other doctor has referred me to, or an ACTUAL job offer coming from some Alum's unknown secretary...

And sometimes, there are true gems that make me glad I'm neurotic enough to look through my spam from time to time. Fully automated bits of non-consciousness that make me laugh out loud. Like this, which actually turned out to be a discount offer for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Because I have trouble getting an erection sometimes. But come ON! How can you not at least give that email a fighting chance with a subject like that!!?

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