Crap... (and a little on summer goals)

Well, now that I have twitter, because this blog was slowly becoming an outlet for just tiny bits of consciousness anyway, I haven't posted in a while.

I had an AWESOME weekend at Dartmouth last week with Francesca, who came out to visit for two weeks from San Francisco (omg, I love and missed her) but I posted all about it on facebook, so that she could show it to her friends... In retrospect I probably could have posted them all here and just had her direct friends to this blog (double win!) but then there are no "tagged" photos of her for future prospective dates to ponder. Because, lets face it, she's already pretty, but I rock behind a camera lens.

Which brings me to my next subject: summer workshop! I want to take a class or two at the New England School of Photography to maybe refine my skill from "gets really lucky sometimes" to "legit photographer". Plus its something to do after work besides video games.

Other, less realistic summer goal: get parachute certified. A.k.a. go skydiving. A LOT. Photography classes would be way cheaper. Or maybe I could just put my sailing muscles through rehab at the MIT pavilion (did I mention I lived on a sailboat for 2 years of my childhood? )

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