Should've made him pay me back by going on a date with one of my single friends

I own this really nice road bike that I haven't ridden in over 2 years. A coworker resuscitated (tuned and oiled) it for me earlier this week, and I got really excited to ride home (3 miles) on Thursday afternoon, right around rush hour.

I used to ride a lot, but that was when I lived in the woods. I haven't had ANY experience riding in the city. I was cruising up the bike lane on a bridge while traffic was stopped for a good ways next to me when this d00d (not a runner - a guy in a blazer with a laptop bag) jumps the railing from the sidewalk, jogs to and through the stopped traffic, and without looking just steps into the bike lane, right into me. He realized I was coming, but rather than get out of the way he braced himself for the collision and caught my handlebars. I got LAUNCHED off the bike. Caught my left knee on the seat on the way off, lost a good patch of skin on my left elbow, nailed my right knee on the ground, and finally bonked my chin on the ground as I came to a stop. It was youtube worthy. And now my freshly "fixed" bike makes a funny noise.

I mean, I was expecting to eventually get hit (come on...I can't get lucky on every single ride...) by a car turning right without a blinker, or by swerving to miss a pothole, or getting stuck in trolley tracks, or hitting the swung-open door of a parked car, but getting taken out by a pedestrian? Who does that???

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