Feelin' Analytical

I have two fun softwares to play with whenever I get bored (besides WoW, of course): Google Analytics, and Dexcom's "Data Manager 3" that accompanies my continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). In other words, the data received via bluetooth from a sensor attached to a little catheter that I have to inject, myself, into my body and leave there for an extended period of time (weeks).

Now, Analytics probably is a LOT more useful for someone who knows what they are doing, in the blogosphere, but I do not. (I think my grand total earned since I added AdSense is five dollars and six cents.) But there is just SO much information to gain from it. Like, it knows how many unique IP addresses read this, how recently each of those addresses has visited, which BROWSER you're using, what language you're reading in, and a bunch of other stuff I have no use for whatsoever, but man is it cool to try to make heads or tails of. For instance, this one I discovered today: proof that I'm a Mac - all my friends are Macs, too.

DM3 is not super sophisticated, but the data is way more interesting to me. Because its my life and blood, literally. These are my hourly distributions since the second week I've been using the thing. The one thing I think I can say for sure from this graph is that, on average, I'm totally reliable! :) Or, you could say that I tend to get high, occasionally. (HA! Beetus joke)

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